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Work is hard June 6, 2007

Filed under: work — firespinner526 @ 2:39 am

So, work at the MCU is ridiculously tough right now. Our branch is relocating to a fancy, new, huge, state of the art building down the street. We are getting out of the tiny little office building we’re stuck in now, but until we are there, the testing and training for the new branch is really, really, REALLY hard. We have a small staff and are split between the two buildings and our head teller is on vacation, we’re trying to learn the new equipment and train two new tellers all at the same time. Really, really hard. I can’t wait until next week, when we are all in the same location, at least. Or really, till the week after that, when we are used to the new digs. Seriously, this was the worst planned move ever. They have another staff dost of the testing. A full staff that they hired for a new branch that isn’t opening till September (if they’re lucky, we we’re supposed to open the new branch in January). They are going to have their own branch to test in a couple of months, so they should be covering our current branch while we get set up in the new place.

Ok, I think I’m done complaining about work for today. My phone just rang and I’m curious to see who’s calling me.



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