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Lynne’s apartment June 9, 2007

Filed under: friends — firespinner526 @ 4:02 pm

So, I saw the apartment I might move into today. Actually I’m here right now. My favorite coworker, Lynne, just moved into a house with some friends recently. She had to work today, I technically didn’t, so she asked me to do her a favor and wait around for the Comcast guy from 11-1. So, I’m here, he’s not. Hopefully he’ll get her soon, cause its wierd being in somebody else’s house. As I use her computer… Hey, she said make myself comfortable and do whatever I wanted.

What would be my room if I move is really neat. Its in the back of the building and very large, but oddly shaped. There’s a lot of potential though. Really, I’m already trying to arrange furniture in my head. (I wish I had my tape measure with me.) The room is L-shaped. When you first walk in, you’re like “Wow, this is tiny,” like barely enough room for a twin bed, but then you see there is another section to the left thats about the size of a full or queen bed. Its really neat.

Ok, I’m gonna get off her computer now. I brought knitting. Hopefully, this guy gets here soon. Oh, and if there are any typos, sorry, I’m not used to this computer.


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