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August 10, 2007

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Did I mention I got my Black Phoenix shipment!!! Mmm, I smell so pretty. I haven’t tried them all, but my favorites so far are Jezebel and Florence. And they sent me two others I didn’t even order. One thing has to be said about Indy Artists, they treat you riiight! Oh and Bewitched, then again, those are the only three I’ve worn so far.

Hailey’s coming this weekend!!!! I am so excited to see her, I just have no idea what we’re gonna do. We might go to a bar or club, but I’m hoping more of a lounge area so we can catch up, its been 7 freakin years after all!

I got a haircut, its pretty cute! Um, I met a boy, he’s really nice, we might be hanging out Sunday or maybe tomorrow if I don’t have to go to a family meeting about my Grammy. I want to go though, even if I don’t get a say in the matter.

k, I need sleep, later! -j


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