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sick ovaries September 12, 2007

Filed under: lists,ovaries,rambling — firespinner526 @ 2:40 pm

There’s lots of stuff I should talk about, like how I went to the hospital again for stabby-pains and vicoden-induced vomiting, but its icky and we don’t like icky, so I’m gonna stay away. I’m just gonna say, it was I-Hate-Jamie day on Monday cause I waited 5.5 hours to be seen in the ER and they had to stick me three times! THREE!!! Once for blood work and then twice for an IV, cause the nurse couldn’t find my veins!

I’ve missed a lot of work and my first Psych class and missed my opportunity to post on BlackBoard for A&P, so have missed a homework assignment.

I really wanted to hang out with Lynne after work tomorrow cause we’re trying to start a weekly thing of going to the skeezy bar down the road and having pizza and beer after work, but we can’t this week cause I have to buy books and do all my homework tomorrow night and then I have the Aerosmith concert on Friday!

So, no Lynne, but I do get Aerosmith!!!!! That makes me happy!!!!

It’s gonna be a cold night, that makes me happy too!

Um, lets see… I guess thats it.

Maybe Lynne and I can go shopping after work on Saturday… hmm, I’ll have to ask at work tomorrow.

Oh! And! I bought tickets to see Spamalot in January!!!
but now I’m poor.

Very little on the knitting front. I’ll probably work on Baby Blanket of Doom tonight and listen to Dragonfly in Amber.

K, really, I’m done now. Night!


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