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I want my own Mr. Darcy September 15, 2007

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Pride and Prejudice is my feel-good movie. No question. I love that movie. It’s creeping up my list of favorites. And while I’ve enjoyed the long PBS version, the new, short one is an amazing quick fix and (don’t hate me all you original-version fans) I think I like the new one best. I love Keira Knightley though, so thats part of it and the new Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) is dreamy. Oh, of course Colin Firth is dreamy too, but I think I fancy the new Mr. Darcy better.


I want my own Mr. Darcy.


One Response to “I want my own Mr. Darcy”

  1. Macintosha Says:

    I completely agree with you! The new one is the best, no offence. I love the vibrant costumes and the new elegent but abstract flow to it. I love Keira Knightly too, so that’s a plus. The old one was not as attractive, in my opinon.
    I want my own Darcy too…xD.

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