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maybe I was wrong October 3, 2007

Filed under: ovaries,rambling — firespinner526 @ 2:46 pm

My sick ovaries haven’t been sick lately, so much so that I was worried/relieved that maybe my body took care of the cysts on its own, like the first ER doctor said it should. That would be good and bad. I wouldn’t need surgery-for now, but I still probably would later. For about 2 or 3 weeks now, I’ve been expecting another phase of pain while I ovulated, but haven’t had it. Relieved as I am by not having massive amounts of pain, I’m just confused. I’ve gotten jabs and minor pains here and there, but I can only compare it to what pregnant women experience while they are waiting for the baby to first start kicking and then later when every little movement, they think they are going into labor. Not that I know any of that from experience, but from what I’ve heard, it seems very comparable. I’ve written it off as basic women’s plumbing, one side at a time and what not. The huge cyst that caused most of the pain is on the left side, which is where all my pain was centralized last time, so if I’m right-siding this time, where there isn’t a monster cyst, that would explain the lack of pain, right? I know I’m going far too far into details here and for that I apologize, I just need to talk about it.

What I’m trying to get at though was I had written this cycle off as pain-free… till now. The pain is starting again, for sure this time. I can tell cause its not just jabs, cause now there is that awful aching in my lower back.

I’m going to try to buy a mattress this weekend. Mine is really really really crappy and old, a hand-me-down. I flipped it over a little while ago and noticed a spring sticking out. I figure Columbus Day weekend sales and a surgery in two weeks are some pretty good reasons.


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