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I miss being little! December 16, 2007

Filed under: nostalgia — firespinner526 @ 5:38 am

So, can we talk about how dumb I was as a kid?

I was watching my old Disney movies today and noticed sooo many things I never noticed before. Like the fact that the voice of Aladdin was Steve from Full House! Steve even dressed up as Aladdin in the episode when they went to Disney World. I think I even thought, wow, he sounds a lot like the real Aladdin every time I saw that episode.

The other one I watched today was The Lion King! It has been years since I last watched that one. It makes me so sad. I remember seeing it at the Theaters with my whole family. It is the only movie I’ve ever seen my dad cry at. Hell, its one of the few times I’ve ever seen my dad cry at anything. Today, I think was the first time I watched it and got all the adult jokes. I’d gotten some before, but not all. Some of them are really racy! Like when Scar’s hiyena army is goose-stepping.

I’m probably going to watch The Little Mermaid and any others I have tomorrow!

*sigh* I miss blogging. I need to keep it up! I want to find a bloghost I like though.

“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER, itty bitty living space”


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