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New Years Resolutions January 1, 2008

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As it is 11:10 pm on this icky New Years Eve, let me share my resolutions:

1. Lose 20 pounds before I start school in the fall.  30 pounds is the reach, but for now my goal is 20.  Just for the record, I am 190 lbs currently.

2. Strict yarn diet time.  I have a huge stash and lord knows I can’t bring it all with me, especially if I live in a dorm room!

3. Finish all WIPs and UFOs.  Including the unstarted UFOs, aka all that yarn I bought for specific projects (lots of mom projects come to mind).

4. Flirt a little everyday.  Lets just say, I’ve been losing my skillz.  This idea came to me today at Dunkin Donuts when I flirted with my favorite coffee guy and a random customer, who, I gotta say, started it.  This flirting does not have to be serious crush flirting, but just keeping my game up to standards.

5. Socialize a little more often.  Seriously girl, you’re getting a little hermit-y.  Note: New Year’s Eve and you ditched your friends and are writing in your blog…. okay, very hermit-y.

6. Save money.  Yea, Jamie, those Coach boots were an amazing steal – seeing as how they were originally $450 (no, I’m not telling you how much I paid, cause yea they were heavily discounted, but somebody will still yell at me for being frivolous),  but how often are you going to wear them? Hell, can you even walk in them?  You are moving in 5 months.  Moving is not cheap, sweetheart.  No more spending!

7. Get outside more.  Take hikes.  Try out letterboxing.  Go for walks.  Granted this is when it starts getting warmer out, but still: don’t forgot!

8. Drink more water and cut out soda.

9. Stop pining over exes and stop pining over maybes.  Start living in the now.  This goes for everything, but specifically in the romance area.  You’ve been single for almost 2 solid years, girl, you should be more independent by now.


One Response to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. mimi2 Says:

    i just read about your new year’s resolution to walk more….i live locally and my favorite walk is around hopedale pond…have you been there yet?’s very local and yet you really feel like you are in new get there, start at the mendon drive in and go to the light by cumberland farms…lake a left at that light and stay straight until you run into the pond…the entrance runs along the back of the row of houses on dutcher st…..the path is wide and easy to walk…there is a bridge about halfway around and the back entrance to the park opens onto another street that loops back to the old mill….it really is magical with the melting snow and the small running streams….hope you enjoy it!

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