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my latest addiction: Twilight January 14, 2008

Filed under: books — firespinner526 @ 11:34 pm


I have become a full-blown addict! I can’t stop re-reading. I bought Twilight on Audible on January 2nd with some left over credits and then before I finished the first, I got New Moon and Eclipse. I have listened to all three TWICE within the past two weeks and desperately want to start a third round. I’m trying to distract myself with other books. I thought maybe if I re-read Harry Potter that would wean me off Twilight, but I just can’t get into it cause all I want to do is think about Bella and Edward and listen to that story. I can’t get into Harry Potter!?!? Thats a first! I need Twilight rehab!

Help! I can’t kick my Edward habit. I can’t stop! And I really don’t want to stop.



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