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Lets talk… March 1, 2008

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So… lets talk.  It’s been a while, huh?  What can I say?  I’m a really bad blogger.

First let’s recap on those Resolutions and see how I’m doing:

  1. Lose 20 lbs before I start school in the fall:  Well, a month ago I joined Weight Watchers and three weeks ago I started going back to the gym and began running on the Couch to 5K Program.  I have lost almost 5 lbs and really enjoy the running, but have to take it easy for a little while cause I got shin splints.
  2. Strict yarn diet: Well, I was doing really really good.  Then I went to a yarn shop today and picked up some Pretty with a capital P.  And I’m in a sock club, but I don’t really think that counts, cause it’s a club.  And just so you know, I did some major de-stashing including tossing the cheap stuff and gifted some handspun and indy yarn.
  3. Finish all WIPs and UFOs: HA!  So, I have finished one pair of socks since then, but really the baby blanket is kind of taking over my life.  Not to mention I frogged it and started over because I had originally cheated on the intarsia and halfway through it I decided I hated it.
  4. Flirt a little every day: HA!  I wouldn’t really call it flirting, but I have improved my outlook and mood a lot!
  5. Socialize more often:  I’ll have you know I met with Ashley and her Boy last Saturday, I am hanging out with Rachel tomorrow and I’m going to a party next Thursday.
  6. Save money: Um…. I plead the fifth.
  7. Go outside more: But… but… but, it’s so cold out there.
  8. Drink more water and cut out soda: Finally one I can say I’ve made a huge dent in.  Granted it goes with WW cause I have to drink 6 glasses of H2O a day, but I don’t drink a lot, so after thats all done, I don’t really drink much else.
  9. Stop pining over your exes and maybes: Ok, well, I’ve stopped pining, but when I’m bored my mind wanders into some pretty odd areas.  Like the guy I had a crush on when I worked at Cracker Barrel.  I went to one CB party over the summer between freshman and sophomore year and managed to tell him that I had had a big crush on him since we started working there.  Mind you, I was dating Derek at the time and I had had a couple of drinks, but he was very chivalrous and told me while yes, he felt the same way, I was in a happy relationship and shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it.  The other day at work I remembered every word of this conversation and analyzed it to death.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t think I’ve thought of Mike in months.  So, I’ve made a big effort, but I can’t help where my mind wanders sometimes.  Oh, and I’m not pining over my current Maybes, i just think of them as my fun crushes, something nice to look at.  I have three: Niels, the guy who fixes Hercules, Tony, one of the members at the credit union, and the guy at the gym who I always give my best Flirty Eyes.
  10. Limit my computer usage to……: HA!

I think that really does it for updating.  I’m off to listen to Harry Potter 7 and knitting a baby blanket (of doom 2).


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