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Yarny Bits March 5, 2008

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Hi! I got a nice little knitting update for ya!

So, I’m almost halfway done with the Baby Blanket for my boss’s son:

babay blanket

That’s the plaid pattern! It’s all intarsia and takes me forever. Especially since this is my second try and it’s larger than the pattern calls for! Pretty much double the size! So, it is very time-consuming work. I try to do a couple of rows a night.

My other project (my portable project) are my Edward’s Heart Socks:


It’s the first installment in my Knit Me Up sock club.  I got it around Valentine’s day, but only got around to writing about it now.  I am changing the pattern A LOT. I’m not really a heartsy kind of girl, so I don’t want them all over the sock. I was thinking about one heart at the top, but I’ve tried and it doesn’t really come out right, so now, I’m working on one column down the back. Oh, and I’m converting the pattern to cuff-down cause I haven’t bothered learning toe-up yet. Once, I really get started on those I’ll share a picture. I upgraded my flickr account the other day, so I’ll probably be adding lots of pictures.

Some other news: I have made my Twilight Playlists public even though they aren’t done. My Jeep is costing me a fortune. I saw Rachel and Joe this weekend and got Rachel hooked on Twilight! I started listening to The Golden Compass today. At WI last night I managed to drop 3 lbs despite the fact that Iate like crap and only went to the gym once last week cause of my shin splint, which are still killing me. The End.


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