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I can spend money with the best of them… AND Thursday night recap March 9, 2008

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Last night I dropped $40 on iTunes. It also rejected my credit card and I’m a little worried. I’ll have to check on it at work Tuesday. So, lets see what did I spend my money on:

  • Foo Fighters iTunes Essentials
  • Incubus iTunes Essentials
  • Fake It by Seether
  • Say by Ryan Cabrera (seriously)
  • Dream Girl and Steady As We Go by DMB to complete Stand Up, somehow I lost Dream Girl the last time my hard drive crashed
  • 3 Third Eye Blind songs
  • 2 Gin Blossoms songs

Oh, and just a couple of days ago I bought the new Jimmy Eat World cd. They are playing with Paramore in a month and I really want to see them, but I don’t know who will come see them with me. My brother likes Paramore, but I really don’t want to go with a show with him. I’m already taking him to see Panic! At The Disco with me in May. And I’m never going to see the money for that ticket. Maybe Lynne will go with me, but she’s going to Panic! too. So, I don’t know. See, I should be saving my money for a) getting my car fixed and b) moving and c) going back to school. But I’m too selfish. I’m far too self-indulgent.

So, Thursday night I went to a FSC party. Lynne and Jackie invited me. Lynne and Jackie are plotters. On Wednesday when we were discussing possible wardrobe choices, I thought nothing of it when Lynne kept saying I was going to get some. I just blew her off, laughing. I thought she was being silly. See, the party was “Bedtime Magic” themed, so there were going to be drunk, half-naked skanks running around in lingerie. I decided to wear jeans and a pink lingerie-style shirt. I looked cute, but really thought I wouldn’t be getting any play since the skanks would be wearing much much much less. Not to mention, I’m really not one for making out with strangers, no matter how drunk I am.

Well… the night started really early for us at Lynne and Jackie’s apartment. It had been a really crappy couple of days at work and me and Lynne had really been looking forward to this, so we hit the packy right after work and went back to her place to start pre-gaming. The roommates were all there and so was Jackie’s boyfriend, Pup, and his friend, David. We were introduced and really hit it off. A bunch of people came by before the party that was starting at 10 at a bar nearby. But, I pretty much stayed with the other outsiders, Pup and David in Jackie’s room. David’s arm was around me while we were at the house, we danced at the bar, and then we were left alone to crash in the living room… And, well, we got pretty nice, lol.

Ok, I guess I’m done rambling about my night of debauchery!! (That’s a fun word, totally a new category title)


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