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Dear Robert, March 25, 2008

Filed under: twilight — firespinner526 @ 6:23 pm

Marry Me!?  Please!  Love, Jamie

How lame is it that I have become obsessed with Robert Pattinson.  Like really, I read all the interviews, look at all the pictures.  I’ve even been re-watching HP GOF and see Cedric in a new light.  I was never a Cedric fan way before the movie, but even when the movie came out, I thought Cedric was cute enough, but preferred Krum.  Now, I drool over Cedric.  Just cause he’s Edward.  It’s more than a little pathetic!


One Response to “Dear Robert,”

  1. bullmonty Says:

    I must admit that these actors have taken their places in my musings as I reread the books. Robert and Kristen are gorgeous. I do stray away with Henry Cavill though :). I think Ashley Greene is great as Alice but her hair should be waaayyyy shorter.
    As for Jacob, I keep thinking about Bella’s first impression of him “He’s just a kid” so Taylor does fit into it. They will def have to recast if SMeyer has sold the movie rights to New Moon and Eclipse.
    What I do worry about is if there is so much hype on the web now (all those photos taken of the actors and sets), that the movie will tank!

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