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spending money I don’t have (yet) April 4, 2008

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So, I think I know what I’m spending my economic stimulus check on… A new spinning wheel!

I went to Webs today with my mom and tried some out. I really like the Schacht Ladybug! I haven’t quite made up my mind and I didn’t really try them out, but I treadled it for a while and it was so smooth. Then I came home and spun for a couple of hours on the Columbine and want to cry. Its soooo much work to get a nice smooth yarn out of it and it gives me such a headache, all the metal on metal. Worst yet, it was my mom who put the idea in my head to get a new one. I was just looking at fiber and drooling over some handcards and she started asking me questions about the different types and then one of the women who work there heard us and came over and made me sit at the wheels… enablers, all of them.

Well, I did come home with some loot:

Sock yarn, a sock pattern (probably not for that yarn), Soysilk fiber, 2 candles: Lemon Lavender and Vanilla Lime, Lemon Lavender oil for a DIY diffuser (now I just need some reeds… where do you get reeds?), a Webs catalogue (which already has me wanting to buy more), and oh yea, Shearsly, my cute little sheep!

Yea, we hit the Yankee Candle Factory Store too!  That’s where Shearsly, the little sheep, came from.  There were three different ones: a white one, a pink one and a purple one.  I wanted just a plain white one, but when I read the name of the little purple one, it was mine!  Seriously, Shearsly!

The colorful knitted swatch towards the bottom is actually sock yarn!  You unravel the cloth as you knit the sock and it makes a really cool design.  They’re called Flat Feet!

I’ve also become a Browncoat during my week off.  My boss lent me his Firefly DVDs and I now own my own set and Serenity, the movie that wraps everything up.


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