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so freakin happy! April 12, 2008

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Me and Dad worked on the Jeep all day today and we rebuilt my exhaust system.  It was pretty cool!  And now its sooooo quiet!  I barely recognize it!  The bad news is that I have a lot of rust damage.  Like an axle could easily break off at any moment…

That being said, my new financial goal is to buy a new car…  Maybe not new new, but new for me.  I do strive for it to be a 2003 or newer though…  I’m looking at MINI Coopers.  Or a Honda Civic.  Something economical and green.  Almost anything will be more economical than th Jeep, but MINI’s get almost 500 miles per tank.  The Jeep barely gets 300.

Well, I guess this means my economic stimulus check will not be going towards that new wheel I wanted.  That check plus the check I received today from MassBay will be going towards a down payment I think.  MassBay still owed me $600+ from last semester from when I had to withdraw because of my surgery.

So…  yea, I’m pumped!


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