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I got into college! April 21, 2008

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YAY!!! I got my first acceptance letter today. I got into Framingham State College! It was kind-of-sort-of my safety school. Four years ago, I would have said oh-definitely-a-safety school, but since I killed my GPA via RWU, I really couldn’t be sure. This school is my safety-situation school though. I can live at home (not that I want to), still work at Metro (not that I want to), and buy a new car (ok, that I really want).

I’m still waiting to hear from Clemson and Armstrong Atlantic, but to finally get an acceptance somewhere -anywhere- is a relief!


2 Responses to “I got into college!”

  1. Bullmonty Says:

    wow…bet you can’t wait for your whole new life to start!
    PS I just read your Rav profile – do you like John Mayer too?????
    we were like 5 rows from the stage when he performed in Melb last April. I call that – within sweat flinging distance.

  2. firespinner526 Says:

    Thanks Bullmonty! I love JM! I just bought tickets on Saturday to see him in July for the …fifth or sixth time. Really, I’ve lost count.

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