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Holy Hell, life is coming at me fast! April 26, 2008

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So, yesterday was one giant celebration.  My mom called me at work to tell me that I got a big fat envelope with “Congratulations!” on it from Clemson!  Everyone at work was wicked happy for me and I was completely taken aback cause I never thought I’d actually get in.  It was my reach school and my first choice.  For the name, the grad programs, the experience.  It will be a completely different experience.  Clemson is 6 times the size of Roger Williams and RWU didn’t even have a football team, much less a football team of Clemson’s caliber.  Seriously, this is life-changing.

So, I’m flying down to my grandparents on Friday.  I just booked my tickets today.  I’m taking a long weekend (working a half day on Friday and flying out at 4 and coming back on Tuesday)!  I’m going to visit Clemson and Armstrong.  It’s going to be amazing!  Plus, I haven’t seen my grandparents in about a year, so I’m wicked happy to see them!

Oh, my God!  I’m so overwhelmed!  Everything is happening so fast!


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