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Recent Absence and Future Absence July 13, 2008

Filed under: twilight — firespinner526 @ 8:55 pm

So lately I haven’t been around.  That’s mostly cause my laptop is in a coma.  You turn it on and it brings you to the log-in page and when you click on the “Jamie” icon with the rubber ducky it says: “Logging in” … “Logging off” and brings you back to page one.  And of course I can’t find my Windows software, so I’m probably going to have to bring it somewhere for them to charge me a fortune just to run the Windows Repair disk.

And now, I’m announcing an Internet Leave of Absence, in order to avoid and Breaking Dawn spoilers.  In fact, I announced a Vow to remain Spoiler-Free on the Ravelry Twilight boards.  It goes something like this:

I, Jamie, FireSpinner526, vow to stay Spoiler-Free until August 2, 2008. I also promise not to leak any spoilers to my fellow fans until the Twilight Mods say we can discuss the new book!

Sooooo… So long and thanks for all the fish.  Yea, a Hitchhicker’s Guide quote… I’m a nerd.


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