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in desperate need of updating July 26, 2008

Filed under: lists — firespinner526 @ 4:54 pm

Hey all. A lot’s been happening. I am in desperate need of updating, but its gorgeous out and I just finished cleaning my room (halfway at least) so I want to go sit outside and read or knit. Can’t decide quite which. Here’s a bit of a preview of what I need to discuss:

  • My new spiritual journey – Ok, that sounded totally lame, but its true. I’m on a new path.
  • I’ve been spinning a lot and have some pictures.
  • Lappy is home and working again which means I can’t actually upload those pictures.
  • I am now a FarmGirl Plurkette.
  • Holy Yoga, Batman.
  • Holy Batman, Batman. Ok, not really going to talk about it, but I did see it and it was awesome.
  • EEEEEEK! Breaking Dawn comes out next week!!!

Wow, I really thought there was more, but I guess thats it. See ya later.


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