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FINISHED! (may contain Breaking Dawn Spoilers) August 4, 2008

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Ok, so I’m a really slow reader.  I just finished Breaking Dawn about an hour ago.  I’ll totally own up to crying at the very end.  Because it was sooo sappy and because it was the end.  It’s like Book 7 of Harry Potter alllll over again.  So, I’m slowly returning to the internet world and while I’m visiting my Twilight Ravelry boards for the first time in a week or two, I notice that hardly anybody likes Breaking Dawn.  I’ll admit, a lot of it is a stretch, there are definitely some parts I didn’t really like, but honestly, give SM a break.  I kind of feel she rushed it or was getting tired of the story, but still, I loved the book, if only because it’s part of the Twilight Saga.  This article made me really happy after reading all the negative stuff on other boards: In Defense of Breaking Dawn, by Jane Granville.  Please note, this article is VERY SPOILER HEAVY!  Don’t read it if you haven’t already read the novel.

Ok, I’m done rambling and defending.


2 Responses to “FINISHED! (may contain Breaking Dawn Spoilers)”

  1. Thanks so much for posting the “In Defense of Breaking Dawn” link!!

  2. Sparklyloves Says:

    I think we all just had such high insane expectations for the book that no one could help being a little disappointed. I’m rereading it and I like it more and more.

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