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I’m a little tipsy August 28, 2008

Filed under: silliness,twilight — firespinner526 @ 11:37 pm

I’m a little tipsy, but this seems pertinent:

So let’s play Twilight Six Degrees… it’ll be fun.  I was reading this MTV article about how SM is going to direct the new Jack’s Mannequin music video and thought of it.

I met Andrew McMahon, singer/songwriter of JM, at a Something Corporate concert.  He signed my shirt.
Andrew McMahon approached SM.
SM’s worked with Robert Pattinson.

I’m one degree away from Stephanie Meyer and two from Robert Pattinson! Weee!

Also, I just registered for a fourth class, which I totally had no intention of doing, but it’s Comparative Mythology… it’s going to ROCK!

I promse to update when I’m awake/sober, I’ve been meaning to for a while, but… haven’t. cause I’m lazy.  So… yea… about those red sox…

oh, yea, and there’s a pretty new boy at work. and he’s my manager.

he can manage me any way he wants to.

…crap, I need to not drink.


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