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comic of my life, seriously September 6, 2008

Filed under: rambling — firespinner526 @ 9:51 pm

So, that comic I linked last time seriously is the comic of my life.  I’ve been reading it from the beginning (that last post was #30 and there are over a thousand) and have gotten obsessed.  I got to this one and got all giggly.  I pointed at the screen and outloud and totally to myself said “Niels had that look, when I gave him my number!!”

Question: if I post said webcomic, as I did below, and it is copyrighted, is that copyright infringement?  Ok, that sounds like a dumb question worded that way, but I did link it.  Twice.  If you clicky the picture it brings you to the original site and the site is linked in the text as well.  I don’t claim it as my own.  Any opinions?


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