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Do you believe in magic? September 10, 2008

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Today was long.  Good, except for the whole Jamie-skipping-class thing.  I promise myself that it will NOT become a habit.  I bought a raincoat so I have no excuse next time it is pooring out.  Yes, I know that rain seems like a lame excuse, but it’s a very very long walk and the idea of that walk in the rain without a raincoat to my least favorite class didn’t really appeal to me.  Very bad move on my part, but like I said, this is the one-and-only time.

On another note, I’ve been doing some serious soul searching lately.  My mother, my neighbor and I have all recently taken up paganism, in our own different ways.  I’m not going to go too far into the religious aspects of it, because it is rather personal and also sometimes people get uncomfortable with the idea of paganism.  So… back to the story… I’ve been spending far more time (and money) than I would care to admit at my metapsychical/new age bookstore.  The owners are very very nice and helpful and their daughter is a medium.  She does readings there a couple of days a week.  My neighbor has been seeing her for a couple of years and swears by her and my mother has seen her two or three times.  I hadn’t done it because I wasn’t sure quite ho much stock I put into psychics and the like and I didn’t want to go forking over my hard earned money to a stranger so she’ll tell me that I’ll get through all this hard stuff of growing up and I will find the man of my dreams and get married and live happily ever after.  (I did go to a psychic once right after I graduated high school when I was on a trip in NYC with my friends and that is pretty much the answer I got.)

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Well, on Thursday night I was talking to my neighbor (who is kind of like my teacher, but not really, more like a sister even though she’s the same age as my mom) and I was telling her about my first couple of days at school and how I didn’t have to go to work until 3 the next day because I was supposed to have class, but I dropped it, so I had almost all day to myself.  Then kind of out of nowhere, I said “I think I’m going to go see Robin (the medium) tomorrow” and H, the neighbor, said that would be a really good idea.  Evetually, we finished talking and I went to bed.  I’ve been having some very vivid dreams lately and that night was no exception.  I dreamt that I went to see Robin among other things.  When I woke up, I called and scheduled an appointment with her for that day. It seemed right.

It was very interesting.  Robin was very different from the last “psychic” I saw.  Robin comminicates with angels.   She came up with facts about my life that there is no way she could have made up.  They told her my major AND my minor.  And then they said that I should probably switch them.  Granted I realize that Psychology majors minoring in English are probably the “type” to go to a medium, but not all of them.  Not to the point that she could just lay that on the table and be sure that the person would eat it up.  There were other things along those lines that have me conviced she is the real thing.  There is no way she could make this stuff up.  Not to mention the feeling I got when I came in.  Such good, welcoming vibes.

The first half she spent talking about my personal healing.  She read the Tarot and that was very cool.  The second half, they wanted to talk about my vocation and love.  That was when the school stuff came up and convinced me.  I really didn’t want to push anything on love.  It’s not that I didn’t want to know if I would ever find someone, I just didn’t know if I wanted to know anything specific, ya know?  Well, they weren’t having any of that, they really wanted to talk about it.  So, we talked about love.  Mostly about self-love and appreciation of myself, the usual “you have to love yourself before you can be loved,” but then also about outside love.  Specifically Niels.  She read the cards about him.  This is what she said: The timing was off.  She can’t tell if he’s involved with somebody else or if he is in the middle of something, but the timing was just off.  She kept going back to something happening in his life right now that would keep him from getting involved with someone.  The other thing she said is that he definitely sees me for what I am and he sees my potential.  He knows I’m not just some dumb teller.  The bottom line is though that there is something there, a spark, just maybe not right now.  I’m not just going to wait around and hope he calls, which is what I was saying in the last post, but it could still happen.

I was very impressed by Robin.  Her accuracy for what has happened was uncanny.  Her insight for what might happen was very helpful and inspiring.  I’ve been trying to implement what she talked about into my thinking and it’s helping a lot.

The other thing small thing that goes along those lines is when I was playing with this book called The White Magic Book.  You start by asking one of these questions that they have listed, then you close your eyes and place your finger on this 4×4 chart of symbols.  You then look up on a grid the page number for the corresponding question and symbol.  I wasn’t really taking it seriously, but the first question I chose was #6 Is the person I’m thinking about thinking about me as well?  The answer that I got was “No, the mind is full of worry.”  I rolled my eyes and kept playing, asking different questions and playing around.  Some of the things that came up were surprisingly accurate.  That’s when I decided I didn’t like that first answer, so I’m going to do it again.  And I got the same damn answer.  The next day, it dawned on me that that answer I didn’t like, but got twice went pretty damn well with what Robin said, huh?  He’s in the middle of something…


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  1. Yes, I’ll agree–timing is everything. My brother and his fiancee are living testaments of the honesty of that adage.

    Here’s hoping that “something” removes itself soon! 🙂

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