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continuing computer problems September 15, 2008

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So, I’ve been having computer issues for months now.  And everytime I think it gets resolved, something else happens.  Currently, I have two OS’s installed, but not seperately so I can’t just follow Windows’ simple directions.  The second one is built on top of the first, so I think I’m going to have to do a full partition wipe and reinstall.  And that is going to suck.  It will be the third time my hard drive will be wiped and rebuilt in a month (maybe a little bit more than a month).  I don’t get the dual-boot option when I start up so I never would have noticed except that it runs wicked slow and I have less than 6 gigs of free space left.

I need a computer geek.  Preferably a cute one.  Who is single.  And wants to make out.

Sorry, I get a bit desperate sometimes.

Hmm… I have all sorts of pictures of my latest yarn acquisitions and spinning accomplishments to share, too bad I can’t upload them.

I’m kind of whiney today.  So rather than sit here and complain, I think I’m going to put in a movie, and knit til I fall asleep.  See ya.


One Response to “continuing computer problems”

  1. Have fun with your movie! 🙂

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