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Blasphemy October 6, 2008

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This is going to be Twilight Blasphemy, but I love Vampire Bill.  Actually I love Vampire Eric even more.  And Sookie Stackhouse could take down Bella Swan any day.  I’m afraid to admit this outloud, but there is a definite chance I like Charlaine Harris‘s Southern Vampire Mysteries more than Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.

Wow.  I said it.

To be fair, they are very VERY different.  Different types of vampires, different settings, very different writing styles (and we all know I didn’t like SM’s writing very much), and very VERY different heroines.  I started reading Dead Until Dark after seeing three or four episodes of True Blood on HBO.  I hadn’t even heard of True Blood until I was in Philly a month or so ago and saw an ad for it that, as an vampire book fan, cracked me up.  So, I’ve actually gotten my entire family addicted to the show, only we can’t watch it together cause there are far too many detailed sex scenes to make it comfortable.  So, the show is very very good.  The books are even better.  I’ve only read the first three: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead.  And now I NEED to get to the bookstore to pick up the next couple.

The similarities between Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse novels:

  1. They both have vampires.
  2. That’s pretty much it. Oh ok, fine:

  3. The vampires are really strong and fast.
  4. Star crossed lovers idea of love between humans and vampires.
  5. Oh, yea, there’s werewolves too.

Now, let’s take a look at the big differences between the two series:

  1. While SM made her own version of the vampire, Charlaine Harris stuck with the more traditional view of the vampire.
  2. Alcide and the other Weres and shifters could kick Jacob and his packs’ ass any day.  Alcide is hot, in a Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine kind of way.
  3. I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s a huge difference.  Sookie Stackhouse vs. Bella Swan.  Seriously?  There is no competition.  Bella is a whiney, codependant, subservient princess and Sookie is a strong, independant woman who has her issues, but can, for the most part, take care of herself.
  4. Edward Cullen vs. Eric or Bill or Sam or Alcide… why have a boy when you can have a man?  Especially when these vamps can kiss you and control their bloodlust.  And even if they do bite you, they won’t kill you (usually) and there’s no venom that will turn you into one of them.  To be quite honest, I’m still not totally sure how they are “changed” in CH’s books.  I think the human has to drink a lot of vampire blood.

Yea, so, I’m a pretty big fan.  And it’s not like I’m turning my back on Twilight, Edward has a special place in my heart.  But for now, I will be quite content with reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and watching True Blood.  Until November.  Then Twilight will probably take over again.

In other news, well there isn’t too much other news.  I stayed home today and am going to hear about it from the parents.  But I woke up with a migraine that I thought I could nip in the bud last night with some Tylonal PM.  The migraine has only continued and I’ve also got some serious tummy issues that you don’t want any details on.  Fun, huh?  So, I am missing work, classes, and Knit Night at the farm.

Well, I guess, I’ll try to go back to sleep.  Or maybe start reading another book to hold me over til I caan pick up Dead to the World.


3 Responses to “Blasphemy”

  1. There’s been some definite buzz about this series on the Rav Twilight Group, but I’ll probably stick with Stephenie’s vampires, since I like my reading on the “clean” side. 🙂

  2. My husband and I watch True Blood every week with our daughter, we are so totally hooked. I have written down the books from this site and will be purchasing them. Keep them coming.

  3. wolfie Says:

    yeah i to will stick with Twilight. i have my thing for her werewolves 🙂 i havnt quite yet finished reading the books but i have seen the series, very good, but the sex scenes are awkward. good job with doing your best at sticking to the facts. nice reveiw

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