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“Feebleness of Character” October 8, 2008

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So, I’ve been thinking about posting some of my poetry from my Creative Writing class on here.  I never thought of myself as a poet, but since starting this class I’ve really begun to enjoy writing it (not so much on the reading it though).  So, this may or may not be a regular thing.  I haven’t decided yet.  I might end up making them password protected, maybe.  For now, here is my poem from today’s class.  The assignment was to write a poem from somebody else’s point of view.  There were many options, such as a family member, a famous person, a foreign (to you) person, etc.  I chose a fictional famous person: Anne Elliot of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Feebleness of Character

The worst is over
I have seen him
We have once more been in the same room
A bow, a curtsy, and then it was over
But his presence has reawakened me

He can never forgive me
That dire mistake eight years ago
To be swayed by others
The opinions of those around me
Swayed from my own heart

He can never forgive me
I had been so young, so impressionable
And I had used him ill
Though I had not meant to harm him so
He can never be mine

He can never forgive me
Altered beyond his knowledge
That is how he sees me now
But that feebleness of character
That would last forever

He can never forgive me

-Anne Elliot

©2008, Firespinner526

Well.  I feel rather proud of myself putting stuff like this out for everyone to see.  I got really good reviews during our workshop in class tonight, despite the fact that nobody (including the professor) had read Persuasion.  Well, that’s it I guess *shuffles feet, looks down all self-conscious then smiles nervously*  Oh, and yes, some lines are directly from the text.


One Response to ““Feebleness of Character””

  1. Persasion is my favorite of Austen’s work!! I think your poem captures Anne perfectly! 🙂

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