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show and tell October 8, 2008

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Here’s some more Show And Tell.

Yesterday in my Adolescent Psych class we had the rather silly assignment of drawing our own personal Coat of Arms.  It was pretty fun though and I did some good sketching (the bottom) that I wanted to share.  Knitters and book lovers unite!  Granted I misquoted Tolkien, but hey, I didn’t have it on me.  Still, enjoy:

Coat of Arms


  • The middle part is a compass rose (so I am always going in the right direction, possibly a future tattoo on my foot)
  • A sand dollar is on the left (to remind me of where I’m from, tattoo on my hip)
  • A horribly crude Tree of Life on the right (spirituality and definite furture tattoo).
  • My favorite quote, even if I got it wrong
  • And the books and yarn at the bottom are my hobbies/life

Sorry for the very crappy quality, the photo was taken with my camera phone.

Now that I’ve hung my homework up on the metaphorical refrigerator, I’m going to go read!  Or knit.  Not sure yet.


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