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Pretty Twilight-y Goodness October 21, 2008

Filed under: rambling,school,twilight — firespinner526 @ 12:16 am

Like the new look? I have a new banner via pink-eagle17!  Ain’t it pretty?  I have been bouncing around between True Blood and Twilight so much lately.  I’m blaming it on my cousin Eve.  She’s 13 and visiting from England and we are kindred spirits.  Last night at dinner we talked about Twilight for a good hour or so.  She said that she liked talking to someone older (thanks Eve) cause I could explain things she didn’t get.  Her mom hasn’t read the books and all her friends are obviously her own age, so they are all in the same boat as her.  I’m trying to think of what we talked about, but I can’t remember it.  Mostly her questions were about the relationships between characters.  I had so much fun talking about the books again with someone new that I want to read them again (surprise, surprise).  I have a book and a half left in the True Blood/Sookie series.  So, as soon as I finish those I think I will give up on the listening to the Outlander series and start up again on the Twilight saga.  I’m also eagerly anticipating my Twilight Scrabble Tile from Stitch-n-Snitch!  She put it in the mail a couple of days ago so I will probably get it tomorrow or the next day.

Remember that paper I was having so much trouble writing last week?  Guess what I’m procrastinating by blogging?  Finishing the stupid thing.  My professor even gave me an extension without a penalty (because she’s wicked nice, I didn’t even ask for one).  Glah!  I need to get to work.  I was up till 3ish writing a paper last night too.

I have awesome Halloween news, but I really have to get to work, so I’ll share tomorrow.  See ya!


One Response to “Pretty Twilight-y Goodness”

  1. OOH, love the new look! *sigh*

    I hope you get your pendant soon; I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! If the ribbon got bendy and wrinkly, you can straighten it again carefully with a warm iron.

    Good luck on your paper. I remember the days of cranking out 25 pagers as I burned the midnight oil!

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