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Fall is finally here October 22, 2008

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And I’m freezing.  I suppose I should put on socks or something.  I only knit them all the time.

So, Halloween is rapidly approaching and it is one of my favorite holidays.  I love getting dressed up and decorating, especially since my credit union has a huge contest between all of the branches.  Last year we placed for the first time and that was a sweet taste of something beautiful, so this year IT IS ON!!!!  We’re not only going to place we are going to WIN!  We started planning about a month or so ago.  Our theme this year is Clue!!! (and if I find out that you told ANY of the other branches, especially Burlington, I will kick your ass!)  We’re making all the offices look like the rooms on the gameboard.  And we are all dressing up as the characters.  I got dibs on Miss Scarlett (obviously, she was the cool one when I played when I was little).  I even bought a dress on ebay!  It was very spontaneous.  I only went to ebay for some ideas, but it seemed perfect.  And one of our members of the CU is an interior designer and she invited me to come to tour the warehouse for ideas and things to borrow.  Big things, like a loveseat and chairs and stuff!!!  It’s going to be awesome.  I already have three huge bags of fabric for drapes and stuff!


One Response to “Fall is finally here”

  1. Woo-hoo! You’re going to knock Col. Mustard’s socks off in that fancy number!!

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