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Meta Post of Knitting December 18, 2008

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Well, I promised a knitting update and here it is:

My Rosalie hat:

Rosalie Hat

Based on a hat that Rosalie wore during one of the cafeteria scenes:

Rose hat

I have shared it on Ravelry and people are actually interested in a pattern!!! It will need a bit of reworking: more lacy and more slouchy. But still, the idea of designing a pattern and sharing it with others is something I never thought I’d be doing when I began knitting 4 years ago.

These are my goth-y gauntlets:


The pattern is Twisted Stitches’ Armwarmers.  And I wear them very often.  I get a lot of compliments on them as well.

Um, I just finished a pair of Maine Morning Mitts, but I don’t have a picture yet.  They are for my mom’s friend for Christmas.  And I really enjoyed the pattern so I decided to use the rest of the yarn that I had from my cousins’ hats last year to make matching Mitts, but I just finished one and doubt I’ll have enough left for a second one.

The other MAJOR Christmas present.  The only one I had really intended on making is my mom’s Shoalwater Shawl.  Here is a WIP Pic:

Mom's Shoalwater Shawl

Oh, and the Winter Twilight Mitts WIP pic: (yea I’ve been a bit obsessed with fingerless mitts lately)

Winter Twilight Mitts

I overdyed the secondary yarn (the not-blue one) from a green and orange colorway with grape Kool-Aide, but instead of a dark purple I got more of a purpley, greeny, orangy, color.

Ok, well I oughtta get back to my knitting and napping. I have the newest version of Sense and Sensibility in the DVD player and some meds to take.


Twilight Movie Awesomeness November 21, 2008

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I went to the midnight movie last night and it was wonderful *sigh*  I’ve have the flu all week and I’m still feeling peekish, so thats all I’m gonna say for now, but I just wanted to say I saw it and loved it.


Expecto Patronum tattoo November 2, 2008

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Expecto Patronum

YAY!!! I did it! I finally did it!


Pretty Twilight-y Goodness October 21, 2008

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Like the new look? I have a new banner via pink-eagle17!  Ain’t it pretty?  I have been bouncing around between True Blood and Twilight so much lately.  I’m blaming it on my cousin Eve.  She’s 13 and visiting from England and we are kindred spirits.  Last night at dinner we talked about Twilight for a good hour or so.  She said that she liked talking to someone older (thanks Eve) cause I could explain things she didn’t get.  Her mom hasn’t read the books and all her friends are obviously her own age, so they are all in the same boat as her.  I’m trying to think of what we talked about, but I can’t remember it.  Mostly her questions were about the relationships between characters.  I had so much fun talking about the books again with someone new that I want to read them again (surprise, surprise).  I have a book and a half left in the True Blood/Sookie series.  So, as soon as I finish those I think I will give up on the listening to the Outlander series and start up again on the Twilight saga.  I’m also eagerly anticipating my Twilight Scrabble Tile from Stitch-n-Snitch!  She put it in the mail a couple of days ago so I will probably get it tomorrow or the next day.

Remember that paper I was having so much trouble writing last week?  Guess what I’m procrastinating by blogging?  Finishing the stupid thing.  My professor even gave me an extension without a penalty (because she’s wicked nice, I didn’t even ask for one).  Glah!  I need to get to work.  I was up till 3ish writing a paper last night too.

I have awesome Halloween news, but I really have to get to work, so I’ll share tomorrow.  See ya!


“Feebleness of Character” October 8, 2008

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So, I’ve been thinking about posting some of my poetry from my Creative Writing class on here.  I never thought of myself as a poet, but since starting this class I’ve really begun to enjoy writing it (not so much on the reading it though).  So, this may or may not be a regular thing.  I haven’t decided yet.  I might end up making them password protected, maybe.  For now, here is my poem from today’s class.  The assignment was to write a poem from somebody else’s point of view.  There were many options, such as a family member, a famous person, a foreign (to you) person, etc.  I chose a fictional famous person: Anne Elliot of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.



Blasphemy October 6, 2008

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This is going to be Twilight Blasphemy, but I love Vampire Bill.  Actually I love Vampire Eric even more.  And Sookie Stackhouse could take down Bella Swan any day.  I’m afraid to admit this outloud, but there is a definite chance I like Charlaine Harris‘s Southern Vampire Mysteries more than Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.

Wow.  I said it.

To be fair, they are very VERY different.  Different types of vampires, different settings, very different writing styles (and we all know I didn’t like SM’s writing very much), and very VERY different heroines.  I started reading Dead Until Dark after seeing three or four episodes of True Blood on HBO.  I hadn’t even heard of True Blood until I was in Philly a month or so ago and saw an ad for it that, as an vampire book fan, cracked me up.  So, I’ve actually gotten my entire family addicted to the show, only we can’t watch it together cause there are far too many detailed sex scenes to make it comfortable.  So, the show is very very good.  The books are even better.  I’ve only read the first three: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead.  And now I NEED to get to the bookstore to pick up the next couple.

The similarities between Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse novels:

  1. They both have vampires.
  2. That’s pretty much it. Oh ok, fine:

  3. The vampires are really strong and fast.
  4. Star crossed lovers idea of love between humans and vampires.
  5. Oh, yea, there’s werewolves too.

Now, let’s take a look at the big differences between the two series:

  1. While SM made her own version of the vampire, Charlaine Harris stuck with the more traditional view of the vampire.
  2. Alcide and the other Weres and shifters could kick Jacob and his packs’ ass any day.  Alcide is hot, in a Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine kind of way.
  3. I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s a huge difference.  Sookie Stackhouse vs. Bella Swan.  Seriously?  There is no competition.  Bella is a whiney, codependant, subservient princess and Sookie is a strong, independant woman who has her issues, but can, for the most part, take care of herself.
  4. Edward Cullen vs. Eric or Bill or Sam or Alcide… why have a boy when you can have a man?  Especially when these vamps can kiss you and control their bloodlust.  And even if they do bite you, they won’t kill you (usually) and there’s no venom that will turn you into one of them.  To be quite honest, I’m still not totally sure how they are “changed” in CH’s books.  I think the human has to drink a lot of vampire blood.

Yea, so, I’m a pretty big fan.  And it’s not like I’m turning my back on Twilight, Edward has a special place in my heart.  But for now, I will be quite content with reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels and watching True Blood.  Until November.  Then Twilight will probably take over again.

In other news, well there isn’t too much other news.  I stayed home today and am going to hear about it from the parents.  But I woke up with a migraine that I thought I could nip in the bud last night with some Tylonal PM.  The migraine has only continued and I’ve also got some serious tummy issues that you don’t want any details on.  Fun, huh?  So, I am missing work, classes, and Knit Night at the farm.

Well, I guess, I’ll try to go back to sleep.  Or maybe start reading another book to hold me over til I caan pick up Dead to the World.


I’m a little tipsy August 28, 2008

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I’m a little tipsy, but this seems pertinent:

So let’s play Twilight Six Degrees… it’ll be fun.  I was reading this MTV article about how SM is going to direct the new Jack’s Mannequin music video and thought of it.

I met Andrew McMahon, singer/songwriter of JM, at a Something Corporate concert.  He signed my shirt.
Andrew McMahon approached SM.
SM’s worked with Robert Pattinson.

I’m one degree away from Stephanie Meyer and two from Robert Pattinson! Weee!

Also, I just registered for a fourth class, which I totally had no intention of doing, but it’s Comparative Mythology… it’s going to ROCK!

I promse to update when I’m awake/sober, I’ve been meaning to for a while, but… haven’t. cause I’m lazy.  So… yea… about those red sox…

oh, yea, and there’s a pretty new boy at work. and he’s my manager.

he can manage me any way he wants to.

…crap, I need to not drink.