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Expecto Patronum tattoo November 2, 2008

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Expecto Patronum

YAY!!! I did it! I finally did it!


July 24, 2007

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Big update:

I bought HP7, went to the big party at Harvard Square and finished in 36 hours.
I am trying to clean like crazy! But tonight I was distracted by a boy from okc. I meant to go through my clothes tonight, but I didn’t get to it. Instead, I went through my bookcase.
Just now, I purchased 6 Imp’s Ears from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I just realized though that I think I payed incorrectly. Nevertheless, I just got the little trials of: Jezabel, Muse, Spellbound, Bewitched, Florence and Nyx.

Ok, I know there’s more stuff, but I’m wicked tired. So, uh… I have to go to sleep