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I could kill him January 28, 2009

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So, there’s this cute little metaphysical bookstore about an hour away that my mom and I found.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before cause I have a huge crush on the younger guy that works there.  However, the other guy I’ve met, presumably the owner, has been rude and very curt on every occasion I’ve met him.  But despite this man’s attitude we have continued to make the hour long drive every couple of weeks or so for herbs and general poking around the shop and for Jamie-staring-at-the-cute-nerdy-pagan-boy Time.  Once we even got all the way out there and they were closed for no reason and we still continued to make the trek and shop there.  Today was the final straw.  I have written up the following review to put on Google.  My mom doesn’t want me too, understandably so.  However, I need to vent.  So I’m putting it up over here until I decide whether it makes me as bad a person as him to post it.  What I really want to do is drive down there and give him a good shouting.  Another reason my mother doesn’t want me to do anything is that she believes he is dark and might do something negative against us (read: hex us).

“An it harm none, do what ye will”? (this is my major problem right here, won’t my publishing this review (with names) be harming as well?)

I have had both good experiences and bad ones in this store.  They have an amazing collection of herbs and a good selection of books for the size of the store, and most of the staff is very pleasant.  However, there is one member of the staff (the owner, I believe) that has repeatedly been rude to my mother and me.  Today was the final straw.  For the first time, he actually seemed kind of friendly and then he did a “free reading” for my mother for no reason.  He told her my father was having an affair.  I don’t care whether it is true or not, but no professional “psychic” should ever tell a client such bad news so directly, even if every card in the reading indicates such.  It is rude and mean-spirited.

The title is a general form of the Wiccan Rede: as long as it ain’t hurting anyone, do what you want.  The general philosophy of most forms of paganism, specifically Wicca (which I don’t practice, however I do respect the Rede).  In my opinion this man greatly broke the one major rule of his religion, however wouldn’t my posting the very negative review for potential customers of his and potentially harming his business and him be breaking the Rede as well?

And the second worst part of this (the first obvious part would be how my mom is feeling tonight) is that I’ll never find out if me and cute-nerdy-pagan-boy would have hit it off.  Damn.


The Romanian December 28, 2008

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My assistant manager set me up with this guy who used to live in his apartment building.  It’s going well.  He’s very polite.  And oh-my-goodness the accent.  He’s from Romania, but speaks English very fluently even though he’s only been here a little over a year.  Last night the Romanian, Joe (my boss), Lynne (my bff, wingman and backup) and I went out for drinks andthe Romanian and I really hit it off.  His name is Jon, but it’s just so much more fun to say “the Romanian.” Joe and Lynne pretty much sat next to us, got us started talking and then let us be.  We don’t have too much in common, but he’s really cool to talk to.  We went out for lunch today too.  And I got a kiss on the cheek.  He’s very gentlemanly.  It’s pretty damn nice, actually, even if it seems a little slow or cliched, but it’s nice.  We’re probably going to go out next week and maybe spend New Years together.  At lunch today we talked about everything, but art especially, so I really want to take him to the MFA here in Boston.  I have Tuesday off and it would make a really fun date I think.

At first, not gonna lie, I was a little offended when Joe started meddling cause he was trying to be sly about setting us up, but he wasn’t very good at it.  Joe and I don’t really get along well, so I was confused by that too.  But now, I dunno, my opinion has changed a bit.  When Joe was first describing the Romanian to me, he said he was deep and smart.  So, rather than being offended cause people think I need a boyfriend or whatever, I’ve taken it as well, he must think I’m deep and smart too since he thought we’d get along so well.

Hehe, in the middle of writing this little update, the Romanian texted me a Good Night.


procrastinating sleep August 30, 2008

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Hi!  This is me procrastinating sleep.  I know I need to and I really want to, but my mind is running a million miles an hour right now.  I’m going to pop an anxiety pill and hope that when I’m done with this massive update I will be sleepy…

Back and medicated.  FYI, if you want to skip my rambling and get to the story of the day, skip down to the Romance part.



A real post March 30, 2008

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Coldplay is making me cry.  Beat them up please?  No, fine.  I’m being emotional for some reason.  Grrr…

So, this is the wonderful beginning of my totally lame “vacation.”  You see, I have tons of vacation time and little-to-no vacation money.  So, my “vacation” is me sitting around the house for a week.  Honestly though, a week away from MCU makes me ecstatic even if I’m not going anywhere.  The plans for this week include:

  • painting my bedroom light blue or white (may or may not happen, we’ll see)
  • cleaning the house a bit
  • deep thorough clean in my bedroom
  • organizing all my photos on my computer and in my flickr account
  • watching Firefly
  • going to Webs and the Yankee Candle Factory store with my mom on her day off
  • visiting a couple of yarn stores I haven’t made it to yet
  • knit
  • read

Lame, huh?  Meh, well, what can you do.

There is a certain ex that I mentioned to that I had the week off and now he won’t stop pestering me about visiting him.  Um, no.  You cheat on your girlfriend who is across the country.  I don’t want to be “that girl.”  We did that once and it was awful.  I felt like the worst person in the world.  I will never do that to somebody again.  And really, it’s made me lose a lot of respect for him.  He’s a bad person.

Ok, we’re done talking about that.  I need to go to sleep.  I’ve been listening to music all night.  It’s great.  Sometimes I forget how good music is.


bad decisions March 25, 2008

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and not the fun kind!

So, my sewing machine bit the big one and needed to be replaced.  More like my mom’s sewing machine that nobody’s used is 15+ years wouldn’t work when I decided I wanted to try my hand at it.  So, I had to replace it.  Its not something that could wait until my funds were a little better cause I have to line the baby blanket I made.  Ok, maybe I don’t have to, but it would look so… messy, unprofessional, ugly if I didn’t.  So, I’ve been practicing all day.  I’m almost ready to sew the lining.  It’s really nerve wracking though.

And then I renewed my Knit Me Up sock club membership.

Seriously, I’ve been so good about money, then BOOM!  Geez…

Ok, I’m watching Voyager with my brother before I go to sleep.


Please ignore my blatent profanity March 10, 2008

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holy fuck.  I just got my first “real” college loan bills.  I will be paying $90,000 dollars to one company.  holy fuck.  I mean I can have them deferred if I go back to school in the fall, but seriously, how am I going to pay for that?  I don’t have any money saved up.  I did, but then my car broke in three places and I needed lots of dental work, so I used up the little bit of savings I had on that.  Why the fell did I ever go to Roger Williams instead of a cheap school.  I said “real” college loan bill, because these are the heavy duty ones, but I’ve been paying a little bit to my Stafford loans for a couple of months now.  I’m thinking its time to have them all consolidated.  But that scares me too, cause I know there are all sorts of scams out there and I’m pretty sure you can only consolidate student loans once and if I go back in the fall I will probably have to take out more loans.

Nothing like getting a bill for $90,000 AND you’re first rejection letter in the same day.


I can spend money with the best of them… AND Thursday night recap March 9, 2008

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Last night I dropped $40 on iTunes. It also rejected my credit card and I’m a little worried. I’ll have to check on it at work Tuesday. So, lets see what did I spend my money on:

  • Foo Fighters iTunes Essentials
  • Incubus iTunes Essentials
  • Fake It by Seether
  • Say by Ryan Cabrera (seriously)
  • Dream Girl and Steady As We Go by DMB to complete Stand Up, somehow I lost Dream Girl the last time my hard drive crashed
  • 3 Third Eye Blind songs
  • 2 Gin Blossoms songs

Oh, and just a couple of days ago I bought the new Jimmy Eat World cd. They are playing with Paramore in a month and I really want to see them, but I don’t know who will come see them with me. My brother likes Paramore, but I really don’t want to go with a show with him. I’m already taking him to see Panic! At The Disco with me in May. And I’m never going to see the money for that ticket. Maybe Lynne will go with me, but she’s going to Panic! too. So, I don’t know. See, I should be saving my money for a) getting my car fixed and b) moving and c) going back to school. But I’m too selfish. I’m far too self-indulgent.

So, Thursday night I went to a FSC party. Lynne and Jackie invited me. Lynne and Jackie are plotters. On Wednesday when we were discussing possible wardrobe choices, I thought nothing of it when Lynne kept saying I was going to get some. I just blew her off, laughing. I thought she was being silly. See, the party was “Bedtime Magic” themed, so there were going to be drunk, half-naked skanks running around in lingerie. I decided to wear jeans and a pink lingerie-style shirt. I looked cute, but really thought I wouldn’t be getting any play since the skanks would be wearing much much much less. Not to mention, I’m really not one for making out with strangers, no matter how drunk I am.

Well… the night started really early for us at Lynne and Jackie’s apartment. It had been a really crappy couple of days at work and me and Lynne had really been looking forward to this, so we hit the packy right after work and went back to her place to start pre-gaming. The roommates were all there and so was Jackie’s boyfriend, Pup, and his friend, David. We were introduced and really hit it off. A bunch of people came by before the party that was starting at 10 at a bar nearby. But, I pretty much stayed with the other outsiders, Pup and David in Jackie’s room. David’s arm was around me while we were at the house, we danced at the bar, and then we were left alone to crash in the living room… And, well, we got pretty nice, lol.

Ok, I guess I’m done rambling about my night of debauchery!! (That’s a fun word, totally a new category title)