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Meta Post of Knitting December 18, 2008

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Well, I promised a knitting update and here it is:

My Rosalie hat:

Rosalie Hat

Based on a hat that Rosalie wore during one of the cafeteria scenes:

Rose hat

I have shared it on Ravelry and people are actually interested in a pattern!!! It will need a bit of reworking: more lacy and more slouchy. But still, the idea of designing a pattern and sharing it with others is something I never thought I’d be doing when I began knitting 4 years ago.

These are my goth-y gauntlets:


The pattern is Twisted Stitches’ Armwarmers.  And I wear them very often.  I get a lot of compliments on them as well.

Um, I just finished a pair of Maine Morning Mitts, but I don’t have a picture yet.  They are for my mom’s friend for Christmas.  And I really enjoyed the pattern so I decided to use the rest of the yarn that I had from my cousins’ hats last year to make matching Mitts, but I just finished one and doubt I’ll have enough left for a second one.

The other MAJOR Christmas present.  The only one I had really intended on making is my mom’s Shoalwater Shawl.  Here is a WIP Pic:

Mom's Shoalwater Shawl

Oh, and the Winter Twilight Mitts WIP pic: (yea I’ve been a bit obsessed with fingerless mitts lately)

Winter Twilight Mitts

I overdyed the secondary yarn (the not-blue one) from a green and orange colorway with grape Kool-Aide, but instead of a dark purple I got more of a purpley, greeny, orangy, color.

Ok, well I oughtta get back to my knitting and napping. I have the newest version of Sense and Sensibility in the DVD player and some meds to take.


christmas knitting-DONE! December 30, 2007

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Hey, so a little less than a week after Christmas, my Christmas knitting is done!

I finished the socks for my dad at 1 am on Christmas morning and yesterday I finished Lynne’s scarf:

dad's socks lynne's scarf

And this lovely Koigu will soon become Monkeys for me:



I really want to spin, but I have some ugly dark green merino on my bobbin that I have to finish before I start spinning my pretty J.Knits roving.

I just finished Season 3 of Veronica Mars! *tear* Its over, how sad. I love that show. To be honest, I might be starting season 1 all over again…


Oh and some funnyness and cuteness:

sleepy daddy       mugs

First, dad asleep in the video gaming chair after a long day of snowboarding.  And second, the kitty asleep in a drawer.


I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day December 24, 2007

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Damn. I know there’s stuff to talk about, I just can’t remember any of it. I’ve been knitting like a mad woman to get everything done by Christmas.

I finished two hats for my cousins:
li's hat carley's hat

And I have about a half a foot left on my dad’s socks. Hopefully it’ll be slow at the credit union tomorrow so I might be able to sneak a little bit of knitting in.

I am so in the Christmas spirit! I’ve been singing Christmas songs for weeks and today I watched the Muppet Family Christmas t.v. special that was on in 1987 on youtube. It was amazing! It reminded me of my favorite Christmas carol: I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day. It is my high school chorus’s Christmas song. Its sung every year and all the chorus alum is invited up on stage to sing along. Granted I’ve never gone to one of these since I graduated, but still.

Ok, I can’t type anymore, I cut my finger really badly last night. Plus, I gotta get back to knitting and listening to The Historian.

Oh! Here’s some fun pictures I’ve taken lately:

charlie brown tree

Our pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


The Deathcicle on my house and the iced up plants and fence below it!