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Holy New Year, Batman! January 2, 2008

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So, I started out the new year in a big new way. I went snowboarding with my dad. Direct quote from the journal I kept when the Ski Incident of ’04 happened: “yep, so im am very bruised and burned out today. im dead from yesterday. i went skiing, or more appropriatly, falling. i hurt so much.” You know the term “snowballing out of control”? You know what the were talking about then? Me and the Ski Incident of ’04. Today went much better, I just can’t get into it. Not to mention, I am so out of shape, that I had no endurance and was sore and tired after the first 15 minutes. Oh, and I met another knitter while I sat around waiting for my dad to do a few runs by himself. I was working on my Monkey socks and another knitter sat at my table and whipped out her sock! It was fun, we talked for a while and looked at each other’s knitting.

Oh! I thought of another resolution: Limit my computer usage to an hour a day.


Defying Gravity September 17, 2006

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I saw Wicked tonight! So gooooood! I saw it a year ago and I’m seeing it again in a month. Tonight was fun cause I went with Lynne! We were adorable and totally boy crazy on the T. It was soooo funny. And there was a Red Sox game so, there were a lot of boys on the train. It was rather hysterical.

Ok, I should go to sleep cause I’m sleepy.