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I think Karma lost our address February 11, 2009

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Well, obviously by that title this post probably won’t be too happy.  However, in the hopes that all of my troubles will magically go away, I start with the happy stuff.

First off, meet Miss Elinor Rigby Dashwood:


Or since that is an awfully long name for such an itty bitty kitty, Ellie will suffice.  She just joined our family on Friday and has successfully wiggled her way into our hearts.

Next up, would be school, which is going pretty well.  I like paralegal.  I’ve missed a couple of classes though due to the drama that’s supposed to be magically disappearing right now, so I don’t think my professor is very happy with me.

Next is knitting.  Wow, I haven’t posted knitting in ages.  Well, let’s start with stuff I’ve finished.

Socks that were meant for me, but Aunt Beth showed particular interest as I was knitting them up:
Aunt Beth's socks
Yarn: Collinette Jitterbug
Pattern: Jitterbug Ballband Pattern

Mitts that were a belated X-mas present to my brother’s gf Brittany:
brit's Mitts
Yarn: My own handspun
Pattern: Modified Maine Morning Mitts

Mitts for a friend of my mom’s:
Maine Morning Mitts
Yarn: Malabrigo
Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts (I fell in love with this simple pattern, it was perfect for last minute x-mas presents)

Snowmen, knit up on Chirstmas Eve for my Aunt Sue who is OBSESSED with Snowmen:
Yarn: Mix of Iron Horse Farm Mohair and Icelandic blend, handspun, and Malabrigo
Pattern: ummm I’ll have to get back to you.

Those are the finished ones and here are my WIPs:
Mystic Star Shawl KALBad Wolf socksP2080009

First, the Mystic Star Shawl KAL, that’s only Clue 1, I have to sit down and do Clue 2 and 3. The second is the second of my Blackrose Socks, renamed to the Bad Wolf Socks because of all the Rose references (pattern name: Blackrose, colorway name: Gothic Rose) and the Tardis in the background of that specific picture. The third is my mom’s Shoalwater Shawl that I’ve been working on since before Christmas, but and almost done with.

I also joined a sock club last night at my knit night. It’s the first one Debbie, my knitting mentor, has been able to host since she got very sick. It was very nice to see her again and see that she was doing well.

I’ve also booked a much-needed vacation to Georgia to visit the grandparents. I am so close to them and although, I only saw them about a year ago, it was for a very last-minute long weekend to visit the colleges I was accepted to near them, so much of my visit was spend in the car. This time, I’m flying down on March 13 and flying back on March 23! That’s a whole ten days! It’s my Spring Break from school, so imgine how surprised I was to find tickets for less than $200 roundtrip. I’m thinking about renting a car while I’m down there to make a visit to Nashville to visit one of my friends that moved there about a year ago.

I’ve also replaced my iPod recently, with a new red 16 gig iPod Nano. Mine finally died its last death, this was a bit of a downgrade, gig-wise, but honestly, do I need all of my audiobooks all of the time, or at least all of the sequels? Oh, and I bought a beautiful pair of pointy-toed pumps marked down by my bff at Macys. One of my members from the credit union works there, so I say there’s a dent in the leather and he marks them damaged and voila my $90 shoes turn into $70 shoes. Which still seems steap, but these babies are worth it. CK, black leather, pointy-toed, kitten healed pumps! Gorgeous!

So, I think I’ve finally gotten through all the good… now onto my family drama. Well, my brother’s been cutting and we think my dad might be cheating on my mom. *Not having to do with the psychic!* I swear. But my brother found a cellphone in my dad’s desk that didn’t look familiar. We poked through it and found a whole 5 phone numbers, the entries were only initials and the text from K was “I love you!” I’m still digging around. I believe it could definitely be true, but I don’t want to make an already precarious family situation worse by making such awful accusations, without being 100% sure.


I feel the need. The need… for posting? July 8, 2007

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Oi, Hi. Haven’t forgotten about this thing, I promise. I’ve just been lazy. I have done little to no knitting since the last post. I went away and then I worked a lot. I have spin quite a bit though. I finally have that Lioness Rampant from SparkleyLoves on etsy on the bobbin and Oh. My. Goodness. Can we say ammmazing and freakin gorgeous.

The long weekend in Upstate with the ex went well. I kind of miss him, but then I remember why we broke up and how hard his professional life is gonna be for pretty much the next ten years. I mean, yea, I could be a very supportive friend/girlfriend/whatever…. and I would be, but I wouldn’t be happy with the amount I got back in return. So yea, occasionally I miss him, and this weekend only brought back the missing a little bit, but really we’re better just as friends.

Knitting wise: Like I said nothing. I started the baby blanket and hated it, so I’m froggin it. Then I found out she’s having a little girl, so I’m really happy I’m frogging it. She wants pinks, brown and a little purple (Think this). I had blue and yellow (think stars). So, its to the frog pond and I’m back to square one.
Thinking about getting back to work on my Sweetheart Sweater. I got to the sleeves and got bored/burned out. But its been a while so maybe I’ll finish it as soon as I finish those damn Jaywalkers. I have half a freaking foot left and I just keep ignoring it.

My camera broke during my trip. I’m a little more than upset.
But, I did stop at Webs on the way home and dropped $150(after the discount) on yarn and fiber. (Too bad I can’t take a picture of the prettiness). 2 skeins of sock yarn, 2 skeins of Misti Alpaca and 4.5 lbs, yes POUNDS, of pretty stuff to spin. Can I just say YUM?!

I might be starting a Harry-Potter-Along. A Read/Knit Along for Book 7. Any HP themed pattern will work. I’m trying to get it set up ASAP, cause well its only two weeks away. I’m trying to figure out how to get it started see if there’s any interest at all by asking around Ravelry and L&V message board. So far pretty positive responses, but there already is a lot going on out there HP-wise, but most of it has been going on for a while getting ready for the new book.

Ok, so this was a really scattered post and for that I’m sorry. I’m just really exhausted from spending the day with my family for my Aunt’s Engagement Party. Oi.