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yarn diet? September 30, 2007

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Since I found out that I wouldn’t be going to Rhinebeck, my yarn diet…. gone! I needed to cheer myself up and went to the Fiber Loft. I purchased some J.Knits laceweight in Boston, prettttttty… and also a skein of Trekking Pro Natura for dad’s X-mas present. Also two nights ago, I ordered 2 skeins Wicked Witch sock yarn from GeminiKnits on Etsy. I want to make matching Wicked socks for me and mom, probably not in time for the show on the 21st, but still… And I made a big order on B& They are having a sale on a lot of craft books, so I picked up, Stitchionary 2 (the Cabling one), Highland Knits (or something along those lines) and Exquisite Little Knits (for one eensy pattern).

Fall down, go boom!

I still have some roving in my etsy basket, that I want badly, but I’m trying not to…


…its taking over September 8, 2007

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I just thought you should know…
the yarn…
its taking over my desk.

And OMG this yarn diet is hard!


Happier, I swear, and yarn-related September 3, 2007

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So, this is the New and Improved Baby Blanket of Doom (BBoD for short):

Also, my Walking in the Woods socks:

Or, well, one of them, the other one is in my purse to work on at the hospital tomorrow. I’ve turned the heel and am working on the foot.

As of now, I am on a HUGE serious Yarn Diet. I am not allowed to buy yarn until Rhinebeck (Oct 21st). Seriously… Yesterday I bought enough yarn to finish the BBoD and a sweater and today I purchased a skein of L&V sock yarn, but that was it for a whole month and a half.

So it begins.


Eek! I want to spend money! June 11, 2007

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Why is the only colorway I absolutely loved still available on L&V’s shop. You don’t even realize how much restraint I’ve been showing whenever I meander over to their shop. I’m trying to save money and not buy a lot of yarn and lets face it, their yarn isn’t exactly cheap. I just bought a soft top and a wheel within the past two weeks, I can’t afford more yarn.

Ok. I clicked out of the page, I should be ok for a little while. Somebody go buy it, so I can’t, k?