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I hate this holiday December 31, 2008

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mental breakdown

mental breakdown

mental breakdown

Oh how I hate this holiday

Every freaking year

I do NOT want to go out tomorrow night.  And I most certainly don’t want to go out with the Romanian tomorrow night.  He’s just fine.  Honestly, I’ve barely seen him since my last post.  And when I have he’s been very pleasant.  However, today I got about ten missed calls and a voicemail.  I can’t deal with this.  I officially hate being set up.

That’s just adding to my regular yearly mental breakdown that begins the day before New Year’s Eve.  Last year it lasted about two weeks.  However the fact that I was reading New Moon for the first time at the time defintely added to that particular depression.

I can’t handle this.  I have to work tomorrow and I want to call out soooo badly.  I can’t.  I know I can’t, but I want to.  I just know Joe is going to come in (pray tell, why do you come into work almost everyday during your vacation?) and bring the Romanian and he’ll annoy me at work and Joe will be like “he’s very sensitive, why were you avoiding his calls, are you going to take him to your party and First Night tonight?” And I might flip out.  I honestly don’t know if I can take it.  All the meddling and all the clinging.  I just can’t deal.

Seriously, I want a boyfriend.  I want somebody to kiss at midnight.  Honestly, I do.  But I want it to be someone I pick out.  I want to be happy.


Hitchcockian? FH @ RWU? WTF? April 9, 2008

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I wanted to ramble about how a cameo can’t be Hitchcockian if it is a speaking part. With the exception of The Wrong Man, where Alfred Hitchcock narrates the film’s prologue, he doesn’t say anything in any of his cameos. So, if Stephenie Meyer’s cameo has a line, how can it be considered Hitchcockian? Which is (obviously) how I wanted it to be. I tell ya, I can barely keep up with all of the Twilight interviews and articles, but I did read this one. It kind of annoyed me. They all have been lately. It is all just too much information, there is going to be no surprise, but I can’t stop reading them… Obsession is difficult. I will say that I’m wicked excited that SM let Rob read Midnight Sun, the novel that explains Twilight in Edward’s POV. Rob reading that will do wonders for his development of the character.

Geez… Isn’t it bad enough that I spend all of my free time on the Twilight group message boards on Ravelry? Actually it’s probably better otherwise I would be having one-way book discussions all the time in this blog about it. At least over there we get into some deep stuff. It started with whose side you’re on, progressed into what will Bella’s power be and now we’re discussing SM’s use of gender roles. It’s pretty amazing.

Now for some non-Twilight related venting. Tomorrow night I’m going down to RWU for a Forest Henderson concert. I’m more than a little stressed… I’m totally freaking out!! Now, one may ask “Why is this girl freaking out over a concert?” I’ll tell you why. These are my two very different worlds, neither of which I belong to anymore, meshing together and getting me confused. Forest Henderson is a bunch of guys I went to high school with. They were the garage band of my school. They always played at the dances and won the Battle of the Bands competition. The frontman was also my high school boyfriend. We’re still friends obviously, but we have an interesting relationship. I barely see him or the other guys anymore. The other day I got an email from Billy, the ex, telling me about the show at RWU and asking me to come. Now, Roger Williams University, RWU, is where I did my first two years of college. It’s a completely different group of friends. A completely different type of people. When I left, I fell off the face of the earth to all my classmates (seniors this year). I talk to two people who still go there. Two. I see them once a month, if I’m lucky.

Now, see, when I see the guys in FH its usually at one of their concerts cause they get a lot of gigs around Boston. I’m usually surrounded by other high school friends. All of us who stayed local make an effort to meet up at their shows. I’m also usually drinking, which helps with my anti-social tendencies. Tomorrow night, there will be no high school friends. Just Rachel. And possible other former-college-former-friends. I have no idea. Thank God Rachel is coming with me otherwise I never would have gone, but still. Rachel is very different from my high school friends. We usually do quiet things like dinner or a movie or shopping. The show is on campus, so there won’t be any drinking, so I’ll be very nervous.

I have to stop. I’m making myself even more nervous by overthinking everything. No worries, I’ll report on all the weirdness on Friday.


oi freakin vey August 8, 2007

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I tried to finish Tiff’s baby’s blanket in time, but alas, I was unsuccessful. Mom and I saw her last night before she and Curt and Baby leave for Idaho tomorrow morning. I cried sooo much. But I’m still working on Baby’s blanket.

I have a crush. I’ve already mentioned it before, Niels, cute and nerdy, great butt and soft eyes and sexy voice. Seriously. He was in today and my co-workers told me I can’t flirt and that I was mean. The first part I warned them against, the second… I was not! If they want mean, I can show them mean. Well, I probably shouldn’t dwell…


‘Oley Crap July 28, 2007

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No really

Thats all I got pretty much

I almost went to the hospital tonight cause I was having immense stabby-pains in my abdomen. We decided not to go cause they got a lot more subdued, but they are still there.

I was supposed to go out tonight. Not just out, no, I was supposed to meet a new guy at the bar tonight, I venture we could call it a date. However, I’m not really interested in this guy, hes a little *too* geeky for my tastes. So, now I’m trying to disappear… but I don’t know how.

Oi Vey