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post-op October 20, 2007

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I am very very sore. Very very swollen and very very itchy. Just all around uncomfortable. I ended up having to stay overnight cause they had to do more extensive surgery than they originally thought, but I still have both ovaries, so thank goodness for that. The cysts were so bad though that the doctor told my mom I should have been complaining about the cramps for years.


scaredy cat October 12, 2007

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ovaries and knitting October 9, 2007

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I kind of want to rename my blog that: Ovaries and Knitting. Come on, it’s pretty much my life story.

Ovaries are still sick. It was confirmed today at my Pre-Op appointment. Not gonna lie, Dr Phil doesn’t word things in the best light, he really scared me when he mentioned that if its too badly scarred then he’ll have to remove the ovary. I’m 21. I want the option of having children when the time comes. The idea of losing an ovary and therefore 50% of having children… a little daunting.

So, on a lighter note, I got my Wicked Witch yarn. I should take pictures, and will, but I’ve already cast on a pair of socks. The goal is to have two pairs in time for the show ion the 21st, but I’m the world’s slowest knitter, not to mention I suffer from Second Sock Syndrome, it may or may not happen. Plus I keep getting bored and want to work on my shawl.

My new mattress is AH-MAZE-ING! Really, I’m in love. And I’m an amazing mattress shopper. The trick is just keep saying, “No, really, I’m just price shopping for now…” I must have said it three or four times, but each time he cut the price down. $400 for a queen size mattress and box spring and bed frame.

I’m gonna get back to “reading” Voyager and knitting socks!


maybe I was wrong October 3, 2007

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My sick ovaries haven’t been sick lately, so much so that I was worried/relieved that maybe my body took care of the cysts on its own, like the first ER doctor said it should. That would be good and bad. I wouldn’t need surgery-for now, but I still probably would later. For about 2 or 3 weeks now, I’ve been expecting another phase of pain while I ovulated, but haven’t had it. Relieved as I am by not having massive amounts of pain, I’m just confused. I’ve gotten jabs and minor pains here and there, but I can only compare it to what pregnant women experience while they are waiting for the baby to first start kicking and then later when every little movement, they think they are going into labor. Not that I know any of that from experience, but from what I’ve heard, it seems very comparable. I’ve written it off as basic women’s plumbing, one side at a time and what not. The huge cyst that caused most of the pain is on the left side, which is where all my pain was centralized last time, so if I’m right-siding this time, where there isn’t a monster cyst, that would explain the lack of pain, right? I know I’m going far too far into details here and for that I apologize, I just need to talk about it.

What I’m trying to get at though was I had written this cycle off as pain-free… till now. The pain is starting again, for sure this time. I can tell cause its not just jabs, cause now there is that awful aching in my lower back.

I’m going to try to buy a mattress this weekend. Mine is really really really crappy and old, a hand-me-down. I flipped it over a little while ago and noticed a spring sticking out. I figure Columbus Day weekend sales and a surgery in two weeks are some pretty good reasons.


update September 22, 2007

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So, I went to the doctor again on Monday and he decided that I’m going to have surgery to remove the cysts. So, next month I’m to have my first surgery ever and I’m a little bit terrified.

I finished the Baby Blanket of Doom and I need a new project. Maybe I’ll finish my sweater.
I wanted to embroider the BBoD with a flower in the corner, but I tried to chain stitch it and gave up. Chain stitching is hard.

Um, I think I need a nap


sick ovaries September 12, 2007

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There’s lots of stuff I should talk about, like how I went to the hospital again for stabby-pains and vicoden-induced vomiting, but its icky and we don’t like icky, so I’m gonna stay away. I’m just gonna say, it was I-Hate-Jamie day on Monday cause I waited 5.5 hours to be seen in the ER and they had to stick me three times! THREE!!! Once for blood work and then twice for an IV, cause the nurse couldn’t find my veins!

I’ve missed a lot of work and my first Psych class and missed my opportunity to post on BlackBoard for A&P, so have missed a homework assignment.

I really wanted to hang out with Lynne after work tomorrow cause we’re trying to start a weekly thing of going to the skeezy bar down the road and having pizza and beer after work, but we can’t this week cause I have to buy books and do all my homework tomorrow night and then I have the Aerosmith concert on Friday!

So, no Lynne, but I do get Aerosmith!!!!! That makes me happy!!!!

It’s gonna be a cold night, that makes me happy too!

Um, lets see… I guess thats it.

Maybe Lynne and I can go shopping after work on Saturday… hmm, I’ll have to ask at work tomorrow.

Oh! And! I bought tickets to see Spamalot in January!!!
but now I’m poor.

Very little on the knitting front. I’ll probably work on Baby Blanket of Doom tonight and listen to Dragonfly in Amber.

K, really, I’m done now. Night!