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back to school, back to life September 8, 2009

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So, life has been crazy.  In order to fix this, I upped and moved.  Seriously.  I had to get away from The Drama(tm).  I made some serious changes.  The largest of which is going back to school.  And not just taking a couple of classes while still working at the credit union and living at home, but moving across the state to School #4 (Mass College of Liberal Arts) as a full-time student and on-campus resident.  It’s a big and very scary change, but one I seriously needed to do.  I’m all moved in, met the roommates, who seem nice if a little cliquish.

dorm room 001

See the bedspread, it’s a duvet cover I made myself!

Yea.  I am now about five minutes from my bff Rachel too, which is a huge perk!  Other major changes include some serious therapy that has been life-changing.  I realized that I am soooo much stronger than I ever thought I was capable of being.  I’ve learned that as weak as I sometimes think it is, I am the victim of some serious shit and some crappy parenting.  I don’t have to be the care-taker and don’t have to fix everything.  It’s not my job.  My job is to be a young adult, discover and take care of myself, even though it feels a little selfish.

The other changes are a little superficial, but still pretty fun.  I’ve lost 20 pounds.  I put purple in my hair (which has already faded, but I’m gonna redo it soon).  I’ve left my job at the bank so now I’m in super-cute jeans (two sizes smaller than I used to wear, woot!), my nose ring is always in and my tattoos aren’t covered up.  I have a bit more free time than I’m used to, but that will probably change when classes start tomorrow.  I dunno, I’ve started just taking care of myself in general, a definite good thing.  Although, I really need to find a new part-time gig, my finds are running a bit low and I have bills to pay.  I made a contact at the LYS though.  The owner was a sweetheart and I asked if they needed any help and she took my number.  It’s a bit of a drive, but its a start.

Well, I guess that’s it.  I’m going to try to blog more often.  No promises, but I’ll try.

Oh, I’ve also learned that I am a steampunk-wannabe.


just thought you should know… March 25, 2009

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I am, in fact, alive!  The family drama is through the flipping roof!  And I went on vacation for a week, so I haven’t been around so much.

I want to talk more, but I am really sleepy.  So, I’m gonna turn the lappy off and pay attention to Twilight (I’m listening to the commentary with KStew, RPattz and CHart (ok that one just sounds lame)) and knit of course.



Pretty Twilight-y Goodness October 21, 2008

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Like the new look? I have a new banner via pink-eagle17!  Ain’t it pretty?  I have been bouncing around between True Blood and Twilight so much lately.  I’m blaming it on my cousin Eve.  She’s 13 and visiting from England and we are kindred spirits.  Last night at dinner we talked about Twilight for a good hour or so.  She said that she liked talking to someone older (thanks Eve) cause I could explain things she didn’t get.  Her mom hasn’t read the books and all her friends are obviously her own age, so they are all in the same boat as her.  I’m trying to think of what we talked about, but I can’t remember it.  Mostly her questions were about the relationships between characters.  I had so much fun talking about the books again with someone new that I want to read them again (surprise, surprise).  I have a book and a half left in the True Blood/Sookie series.  So, as soon as I finish those I think I will give up on the listening to the Outlander series and start up again on the Twilight saga.  I’m also eagerly anticipating my Twilight Scrabble Tile from Stitch-n-Snitch!  She put it in the mail a couple of days ago so I will probably get it tomorrow or the next day.

Remember that paper I was having so much trouble writing last week?  Guess what I’m procrastinating by blogging?  Finishing the stupid thing.  My professor even gave me an extension without a penalty (because she’s wicked nice, I didn’t even ask for one).  Glah!  I need to get to work.  I was up till 3ish writing a paper last night too.

I have awesome Halloween news, but I really have to get to work, so I’ll share tomorrow.  See ya!


continuing computer problems September 15, 2008

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So, I’ve been having computer issues for months now.  And everytime I think it gets resolved, something else happens.  Currently, I have two OS’s installed, but not seperately so I can’t just follow Windows’ simple directions.  The second one is built on top of the first, so I think I’m going to have to do a full partition wipe and reinstall.  And that is going to suck.  It will be the third time my hard drive will be wiped and rebuilt in a month (maybe a little bit more than a month).  I don’t get the dual-boot option when I start up so I never would have noticed except that it runs wicked slow and I have less than 6 gigs of free space left.

I need a computer geek.  Preferably a cute one.  Who is single.  And wants to make out.

Sorry, I get a bit desperate sometimes.

Hmm… I have all sorts of pictures of my latest yarn acquisitions and spinning accomplishments to share, too bad I can’t upload them.

I’m kind of whiney today.  So rather than sit here and complain, I think I’m going to put in a movie, and knit til I fall asleep.  See ya.


free wifi rocks my socks September 9, 2008

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‘cept I’m not wearing any.  Meh, you know what I mean… So… I didn’t go to class today.  Not good lil’ miss student.  Bad student, no cookie!  Really, I’m mad at myself, but it was my decision so I can’t play the victim, like I usually try to do.  Instead I went to Panera’s and the Public Library to use the wifi and get some homework done.  I thought if I were to get out of the house, I would be able to focus better on my reading and work.  Nope, not so much.  I’ve just been listening to music and playing on the interwebs: reading comics, playing on, researching Celtic mythology… the really useful stuff.

Sorry, I’m a bit rambly today.  Well, I am going to put away the computer and read.  I only just got to the library, so maybe its academic feeling will rub off on me.

OH, Niels came into the credit union yesterday.  It didn’t go too well.  Not what I had hoped for anyways.  It didn’t exactly go badly, just more like nothing happened.  He still hasn’t called and that’s ok.  I’m really trying not to worry about it and as you can tell I am doing so well at that.


comic of my life, seriously September 6, 2008

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So, that comic I linked last time seriously is the comic of my life.  I’ve been reading it from the beginning (that last post was #30 and there are over a thousand) and have gotten obsessed.  I got to this one and got all giggly.  I pointed at the screen and outloud and totally to myself said “Niels had that look, when I gave him my number!!”

Question: if I post said webcomic, as I did below, and it is copyrighted, is that copyright infringement?  Ok, that sounds like a dumb question worded that way, but I did link it.  Twice.  If you clicky the picture it brings you to the original site and the site is linked in the text as well.  I don’t claim it as my own.  Any opinions?


procrastinating sleep August 30, 2008

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Hi!  This is me procrastinating sleep.  I know I need to and I really want to, but my mind is running a million miles an hour right now.  I’m going to pop an anxiety pill and hope that when I’m done with this massive update I will be sleepy…

Back and medicated.  FYI, if you want to skip my rambling and get to the story of the day, skip down to the Romance part.